I believe I have the drive and enthusiasm as a teacher to make learning fun and to foster a discovering of self potential because of my subject knowledge, experience and wide background as well as the ability to relate to people in the 11 — 18 age group. In the working world, job appraisal is now a routine event involving self evaluation, reflection and critical assessment of performance. Through this experience and through being a lifeguard, I have learnt the need to be very patient with some children. I appreciated studying a wide range of texts, analysing period and context. To strengthen your application, link the skills you mention to relevant examples of how or where you’ve developed them.

Courses Study and work abroad Double-degrees Short-term study options ‘International’ courses Erasmus exchanges International students Study at Kent Application process When you arrive. Art is a way for young people to express themselves, to release their angsts, any inhibitions, problems and restrictions. This flexibility could increase your employability when applying for jobs. Find out what it’s really like to be a primary or secondary school teacher. At the age of 17, I helped the dance teachers within the classes, either taking children to one side and teaching them one to one, or teaching small groups. Register for tailored support and advice from a dedicated adviser. In addition, PE obviously plays a role in supporting the Government initiatives for healthy eating and cutting obesity in children.

ucas pgce personal statement word count

This drew me into considering teaching. This, together with my academic background, has fully equipped me to teach.


We can help you find school experience with our Get School Experience service. It is a career which has always interested me since my personal involvement as a pupil at school.

I have observed, and used myself, a range of motivational tools such as targets and reinforcement and how to encourage pupils who suffer with ASD.

Search postgraduate courses in teaching. International students Parents and family Applicants New students. Train to Teach London 22 June – During my time at university, class discussion and open forum have proved useful when preparing my own written work and analysing that of others. In the psychology wrd I have followed I have always had a particular interest when it was of relevance to children. Explain the skills you gained serving customers, working in prsonal busy team, being tactful when handling complaints etc.


ucas pgce personal statement word count

Take advantage of our School Experience Programme — available exclusively to registrants. Edenfield is a summer programme consisting of classroom teaching and extra curricular activities, sfatement sports and arts.

ucas pgce personal statement word count

I feel coumt the study of psychology is very relevant to teaching, for example, I have learnt that information is better committed to memory particularly in young children when visual and wors aides are used, particularly if used in novel ways. International expertise Business services Collaborative projects Consultancy Facilities Employability points. Part of the Hecsu family. The click and instant message of a PC no longer demands of growing youths the reality of patience and persistence to get the result.

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Help arranging school experience Getting some classroom experience can help you decide whether teaching is right for you — it could also strengthen your application. At the age of 17, I helped the dance teachers within the classes, either taking children to one side and teaching them one to one, or teaching small groups. I also recognise that it is not only the academic development wodd children that is important within the school system, but also their interpersonal relations.

If you mention some work experience, be sure to explain what you learned and how this experience will help you in your career. For example, one child never took part in his physical education sessions at school but I managed to get him joining in the assessed event. I am looking forward to gaining my degree and starting on my journey to become a P. It’s crucial that the statement you provide is your own work. I was allowed to devise my own teaching methods and I received great satisfaction when the children showed understanding and progress.


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My paid work is as a fitness and aerobics instructor in a leisure centre so I have a keen interest in health and fitness. Register for tailored support and advice from a dedicated adviser.

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My motivation for teaching comes from personal experience of wanting to make a difference. Register for helpful tips, hints and news to help you throughout your application.

Getting a job CVs and cover letters. When planning out your personal statement, ask yourself what it is your training providers are looking for. Your second referee must be a responsible person who knows you, and who can provide a character reference for you and comment on your suitability for teaching ideally a headmaster or teacher who has supervised your work experience in a school. Here you are asked to describe a position of responsibility you had, the skills you developed and thirdly how these will help you when a Teach First Teacher.

I used a lot of imagination to maximise motivation, using original games, so that shatement we were working it would appear more like fun.