It was rumored that she was the TL: This case study is more interested in borrowing terms from English into BI. These are singular form. Based on the meaning of both words, they are equivalent and the word is shared in the Indonesian dictionary. Next, the element of word is absorbed in the TL by taking a whole without modification of spelling.

The word harem in the TL is directly taken from the SL without modifying the spelling. The word Cinderella is a lexical unit in translation. You continue to be of a TL: You setengah mil di sebelah ujung kota. File 1 File 2 File 3. Under the first names for human individual suffixed by —ist, -eer, -ster, and -nik.

Suffix —ance Suffix —an romance p.

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It means that the meaning of the two words is similar. Although these are not completely borrowed, in Indonesian their spellings and pronunciations are modified. However, the shift of category is to occur from adjective in the SL to noun which behaviors as an adjective in the TL.

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It is to unuc —s, -k, and —al suffix is subtracted in the TL. The word is also acceptable in the TL. Based on the meaning, the word modern in the SL is equivalent to the word modern in the TL. Hence, its existence would be out of consciousness of the users.


The TL is known, and shared in the culture of BI well. The word brandy in the SL is categorized as a noun in the word class; it is a material noun Oxford, She explained that he had drawn TL: Alamat Penyunting dan Tata Usaha: The pure word Added suffix —k in the of the word mania p.

Based on the meaning, the two words are the same. The second heading subsumes diminutives suffixed by — ess, -ette, -let, -ling and -oid are not limited to words denoting small entities and a group, -ie, -o, -sy, -y, which mark the words they appear in as appropriate to very informal situations.

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AA Raka Sudewi, Sp. According to Grosjeanthe borrowing term is used in the lexical level of languages. No SL TL 1 technical p. Then, there is unu adjustment thesiz spelling in the TL as well as without modification of elements.

In this case, in the word sentiment the spelling system is modified. The meaning of words acrobatic and akrobatik has equivalent, however, the word categories of both the SL and the TL is not the same.

uud No SL TL 1 millimeters p. Based on the explanation above, it shows that the word geranium in the SL and the word geranium in the TL have the same category. The suffixes —ess and —or generally are referred to the specific one.


The word film in the SL has the same form as the word film in the TL. The adjustment occurs by adjusting the consonant —y- in the SL into the vowel —i- in the TL. The word tisane is not commonly unhd in the Indonesian culture.

s2 thesis unud

The research was conducted by Zakiyah N, M. This word is a name of the year.

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Based on the explanation above, it shows that the word mafia in the SL and the word mafia in the TL have the same category. Direktorat Jendral Pendidikan Tinggi. The words are taken purely, it occurs toward noun category in the SL which is translated into the TL. Aku tak sabaran melihat gadis modern neurotic girl, who modern yang gila — gilaan, jazzes from morning to night.

It means the word in the SL is directly taken into the TL.

s2 thesis unud

What types of borrowing were found to the translation of The Murder on the Links with reference to Lapangan Golf Maut? The research merely draws some conclusions. The consonant combining th- at The consonant t- the beginning of word theories p.