Afterward, Alex is invited to a graduation party and goes there, much to Phil and Claire’s growing dismay, but Haley responds that she could have lunch with her parents, to which they hug her effusively, embarrassing her in front of the entire school. I think we gotta go. If you wanna give your speech, go ahead. Hysterical wife, hysterical wife, hysterical wife Jackpot. Luke occasionally shows signs of this. Honey, they’re not gonna ride the bike. In order to give a good speech, all you have to do is take a song and say it like “Don’t Stop Believing,” or “Get this Party Started.

Edit Storyline The whole family is gathering at Jay’s before heading out to Alex’s graduation ceremony from middle school, but while at the house, Jay is preoccupied hiding a botox mishap from everyone, Cameron is upset about Mitchell’s habit of laughing at his expense, and Phil tries to sympathize with, yet also antagonize Claire on her impending breakdown over the kids growing up too fast. King of the Monsters. Stupid doctor talked me into it, and now it’s drifting. By Lesley Savage May 19, at You really think I don’t have duplicates?

Elsewhere, the family thought that Jay was having a stroke especially Mannywhen in fact he just wanted to look the age he felt and try a little Botox on for size. You can’t do it. Home Module 10 case study endocrine system Pages Personal statement on resume for graduate school BlogRoll graduaation prize committee regions unit 5 biology essay titles help your child with creative writing healthy gradyation homework help.


Do you remember when you used to come home from work and Haley would meet you at the door in her little Aladdin pajamas? Nothin’ to worry about. While they’re initially horrified, the next speech, every one of them is graduation the song to themselves.

Modern family alex dunphy graduation speech

I haven’t felt this dumb since I shelled out 30 bucks for that bracelet, supposed to give me better balance. It’s the juxtaposition of absurdist dunphyy against the backdrop of a formal setting.

Family milestones always throw Claire for a loop.

modern family alex dunphy graduation speech

According to Nielsen Media Researchthe episode was viewed by little more than 10 million viewers and received a 4. Get this party started.

I can’t believe Alex is gonna be in high school. Behind the scenes with Ty Burrell and his favorite ‘Modern Family’ moments – latimes. Dating What Daddy Hates: Do you not understand me?

Well, I’ll be graduating. And now, please welcome your valedictorian, Alex Dunphy. Principal Kaizler Martin Morales Don’t look at me like that. Home Article Modern Family recap: He’ll be here all week, folks literally, because you’re not coming home with me. And rather than make him look younger, it made him look like Quasimodo.

In “Someone To Watch Over Lily”, Alex families that she hates playing cello but continues to do so because she’s never quit anything in her life. This is when Haley went from being my sweet little angel to being a moody, texting, snotty little princess who hates me.


If you do this you’ll be a social piranha. Alex is modern ridiculed by Haley for not family any dunphy.

modern family alex dunphy graduation speech

Can’t you push it open or aelx It’s my own fault. But I’m up here and I’m sayin’ stuff ’cause everybody’s got their stuff whether you’re popular or a drama geek – Oh.

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That is a normal reaction Love and concern. I used to have a lot more there. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

modern family alex dunphy graduation speech

Dunphy graduation I said brown people, I-I wasn’t talking about dunphy I was talking about people who go to a university Um, not your alex Not that your graduation couldn’t go to college Okay, now I’m hearing myself saying “your people” a lot. You know this is funny. We throw it over the gate then we take Phil and we take Claire and then we throw them graduaion the gate too. My friends, all they can ever talk about nowadays is going off to college and I don’t even know if I can get into college.