We cancelled our plans for taking our guests on a boat ride along Ganga river. More information about the meteorological history can be found in this report on Aila from the Indian Meteorological Department. The Nasa Earth Observatory. Tropical cyclones of the North Indian Ocean cyclone season. Despite warnings to remain at port, numerous fishing vessels sailed into the storm. I came across the release on the net. Rainfall amounts peaked at

Press Trust of India. This region is highly susceptible to climate change and environmental risks include increased water temperature, irregular rainfall, higher frequency of cyclones, extreme storms, and coastal erosion Mazumdar et al. After one year following the disaster, however, thousands of those affected by cyclone Aila were still living in temporary shelters and were faced with scarcity of safe drinking water, lack of sanitation facilities, lack of security, and limited resources IFRC Additionally, shelters are usually built on land owned by one of the few landlords in the area which contributes to the continued stratification of access Mallick and Vogt Retrieved May 31, Those living in or near the Bay of Bengal are vulnerable due to a variety of social, economic, and environmental risk factors.

The cyclone had been christened Aila. Later, I learned from my maid that she had spend that night in her drenched clothes, packed with others in the trains grounded at the Sealdah station.

There is potential for incorporation of indigenous strategies, knowledge, norms, or customs that iala supplement and improve adherence to warning signals among the community Mallick et al.


The waters of the river were unusually choppy, slurping over the balustrades.

cyclone aila case study geography

Obviously the boats would not operate. Photos, Illustrations and other Images.

cyclone aila case study geography

Those living in or near the Bay of Bengal are vulnerable due to a variety of social, economic, and environmental risk factors. Cyclone Sidr and Cyclone Aila: Data for Aila is available in the eSurge database.

Haque, and Ansari Gepgraphy surrounding broadcast media alerts ended disastrously as many left the shelters prematurely only to be caught later within the storm Raj, Ullah, and Akhter As the milkman said, it was a blessing, as every second person was in wet clothing and “at least we had body warmth from being huddled together”!

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Retrieved May 31, Another outbreak of water borne diseases, namely dysenteryhas infected over 3, people. In a study done among individuals living in the worst-affected areas of both cyclones, Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.

Cyclone Aila has been described as a benchmark of Bangladesh’s success in implementation of effective disaster management system. Yet, neither alerts nor warning signals were send out to the general public, till cyxlone actual ferocity of the storm was already in force and people caught up in the midst.

Retrieved May 23, It was the worst natural disaster to affect Bangladesh since Cyclone Sidr in November South 24 Parganas District.


cyclone aila case study geography

This highlights an interesting point concerning the language and symbols regarding disasters. One such example are the islands of the Sundarbans delta; individuals in this area are majority marginalized groups and landless laborers living in abject poverty Mazumdar et al.

Global Environmental Change 22 4: Furthermore, dissemination and communication of warning signals broke down due to the inactivity of disaster responders Islam, Bala, Hussain, Hossain and Rahman Retrieved October 15, The Case of Cyclone Sidr, Bangladesh.

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Health Outcomes Cyclone Sidr: Disaster Prevention and Management: Bulletin of the World Health Organization 90 2: Archived from the original on May 21, The Anthropology of Disaster.

Aila was the second tropical cyclone of the season. Numerous homes were destroyed by the subsequent flooding and tens of thousands of people were left stranded in the villages. Since the s, the Bangladesh government has made strides to develop and implement early-warning and cyclone-tracking systems Paul and Dutt